I. The Beginning of the Modern Age

Facebook has long viewed itself as a “neutral platform” avoiding political censorship and driven by the narrative of “connecting the world” as the moral imperative to spread across the world in the contemporary colonial project.

What followed from those humble beginnings has been a series of missteps. In 2016, Russia…

“The attempt to deny racial consideration is, at its root, an attempt to hide the underlying racial oppression, a reality no amount of wand-waving and obfuscation can eliminate.”[1]

Colorblindness “stands for the proposition that race ought to play no role in assessing individuals.”[2] The goal of colorblind constitutionalism seeks to…

Schrems II is short for the case, Data Protection Commissioner v. Facebook Ireland Ltd., Maximillian Schrems. The case was heard in the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) last week concerning the arrangement between Europe and the United States called Privacy Shield. …

Much has been made of race as a social construct and legal fiction. Race is inherently ambiguous and many factors affect personal identity including lineage, appearance, and representation in society. In Plessy v. Ferguson, the Supreme Court set forth the doctrine of “separate but equal.” In doing so the Supreme…

In the law review article How to Save the Supreme Court, published in the Yale Law Journal, Daniel Epps and Ganesh Sitaraman write persuasively on reasons why it is necessary to reform the Supreme Court and offer two new reform plans.

They argue the Supreme Court has become too partisan…

Supreme Court Reform

The Court Risks Illegitimacy

The past remembered is devoid of chaos.

We know what happened, all the details arranged in perfect symmetries and all the natures of you and me

our interactions a relationship clear for all to see.

Chaos deconstructed by all that came to be.

But as this moment approached it came with its old friend, Uncertainty, and Chaos reared its ugly heads and on entropy it fed.

Stronger it grew as the event horizon bloomed and us coming to the forking road.

Uncertainty, she reigns in the place where the gods play chance along the expanding arrow of time.

Though as we march steadily along the finite trail her strength doth weaken through what comes to be

Along Fortuna’s path no one is destined to see.

Imagine are flying down the autobahn, wind in your hair and the landscape a passing blur while deep house music whips you to unimaginably legal speeds in an exquisitely crafted metal box of the finest German precision when suddenly a sweet, bulging eyed adorable baby deer wobbles out in its…

Stephen Ragan

Gypsy writer

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